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“Well, Vasil Stepanych, I’ll try to settle your problems in half an hour, sit down for a while, don’t go to Aunt Valya, otherwise she’ll talk And who needs an extra conversation that you have robbers lived?

- Well, your mother! Earn a hose! Stepanych waved his hand

wandered into the kitchen.

“You stay here for now, then Yermakov will tell you what to do,” I ordered the guards and, leaving the apartment and slamming the door, went to the casino, taking with me a man’s cane umbrella found in the apartment.

I went through the hall, filled with visitors, straight to the director's office, turned the handle, but the door did not budge. Strange, maybe Popov went out somewhere, but where is Ermakov? I knocked. Footsteps were heard, the door opened and a stranger looked out.


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